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Our On Country program is designed for professionals working in community organisations and / or financial wellbeing roles to provide culturally appropriate financial literacy resources for First Nations communities and clients. As with all our financial literacy education, the resources are created by Mob, for Mob. The online hub includes resources for you and your client or community, helpful tips and checklists, printable posters and printable Worksheets.  

You can also use the hub as a pathway to refer your clients to us for free access to online My Money Dream  

As part of On Country we send a monthly e-newsletter to our professional community, highlighting key themes affecting First Nations client’s financial wellbeing, and resources on the On Country hub to support them.  

We host a monthly On Country professional’s webinar to support our professional community and explore key issues for First Nations financial wellbeing. The webinar also offers an opportunity to chat with First Nations Foundation staff and other professionals.  

The current webinar dates for 2024 are:

What is on the portal? 

  • Resources for you and your client / community  
  • Helpful Tips and Fact sheets on key money issues, including saving, super, and help with debt. 
  • Printable posters, including How to Recognise a Scam, and Good Money Habits 
  • Printable worksheets and budgeting templates 

Who is it for? 

  • Community service providers  
  • Community support workers  
  • Financial sector workers 
  • Financial counsellors 
  • Financial capability workers 
  • Anyone working with First Nations clients where you might be asked about money  

How to use it? 

  • Access Culturally relevant resources which are printable, sharable tools for your clients, community or organisation 
  • Access resources and support specifically for First Nations women 
  • Includes access to trial My Money Dream, which features our Culture and Money module: an essential guide to understanding financial contexts for First Nations people navigating two economies  
  • Referral pathway for First Nations clients to free access for My Money Dream– just email us to get a client registration  
  • Book an online or in-person My Money Dream workshop.

Are you interested in obtaining professionally printed materials for your organisation? You can place your order by filling out the FNF Asset Order Form below. This is where you can indicate your preferences for printed factsheets, flyers, posters, or toolkits. Once we receive your order, we will handle the processing and arrange for the items to be sent to your specified postal address without any associated costs

Have any questions? Email us at [email protected] 

These tools are for On Country mentors who have completed our My Money Dream facilitator training:

Would you like to book an onsite or online financial wellbeing or My Money Dream workshop? 

Enquire here: 

Do you have a First Nations client who would like free access to My Money Dream?  

Email us at: 

[email protected]